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The decision to put a parent or loved one in assisted living can be a difficult one to make. There could be many factors involved, but knowing what it looks like when assisted living becomes required for their safety and comfort is important.

You may notice signs or changes taking place in the senior’s daily routine. Some may be easily noticeable, like frequent falls, weight loss, and neglecting household maintenance. But, others may not be as obvious, like forgetting to turn off the stove or failing to take their medicine.

Vicinia Gardens is a community-based long-term living facility with campuses on both the east and west sides of lower Michigan. Our professional team is here to help provide you with information on what senior living conditions may look like if it is time for them to join an assisted living community.

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Signs Elderly Need Assisted Living in Michigan

A decline in a senior’s ability to take care of themself or a decline in physical or cognitive ability can indicate that they require assisted living facilities. Below are common signs one may notice.

Frequently Need Reminders to Take Medication

When your parent develops a habit of depending on constant reminders to take their routine medicine, it may indicate that joining an assisted living community is right for them. Assisted living facilities will help each resident safely manage their medication.

Rapid Changes in Weight

Often, seniors may lack the energy or resources to grocery shop or cooking can become challenging. This can have negative effects on their nutrition. If there is significant weight loss or weight gain in a short period of time, it could indicate changes in eating habits, such as forgetting to eat or drink or not remembering they already have eaten and this may mean that daily assistance is needed.

Reduced Mobility and Frequent Falls

When senior adults who were once physically active start experiencing reduced physical activities manifested in loss of mobility, that may be another sign that it’s time to move into an assisted living facility. Seniors with a reduced mobility rate and invariable tendency to fall calls for immediate action. Being in an assisted living facility means your loved one has dedicated, trained staff always close by to help keep them safe.

Neglecting Household Maintenance

Daily chores and home upkeep can raise significant stress for seniors. When your loved one shows significant signs of slowing down on household maintenance, it demonstrates their inability to perform physical activities and may be a sign that it’s time for them to relocate to an assisted living community. There will be no more stress about upkeep because the assisted living facility takes on the responsibilities of maintenance.

They Struggle with Routine Personal Care

If you notice that your loved one is struggling to perform daily routine tasks such as bathing, dressing, personal care, and cooking meals, they could benefit from an assisted living facility to help maintain their quality of life.


Loneliness and senior isolation may complicate existing conditions, encourage an unhealthy lifestyle, and affect cognition. If a parent develops a habit of continuous self-isolation from the rest of the family or their friends, it may be a sign that your loved one could benefit from joining an assisted living community. Instead of being bored or alone at home, assisted living encourages residents to take an active part in community life by getting involved with fulfilling activities like group games, fitness classes, movies, crafts, religious services, and more.

How Our Assisted Living Facility in Michigan Can Help

Juggling your personal and family needs, work responsibilities, and taking care of your elderly parent can be quite an undertaking. Seniors may require specialized care, which you may not be able to provide. Every child wants the best for their elderly parent, which may mean moving them to an assisted living facility to ensure they receive the proper care they require.

At Vicinia Gardens, our assisted living communities have everything your loved one will need! Our professional, caring, and compassionate staff can create a customized care plan and assist residents with their own daily routines while simultaneously promoting independence. We offer a safe and friendly community with tons of amenities and the best individualized senior care in Michigan — all for an affordable price. We have stunning, state-of-the-art facilities in both Otsego and Fenton.

Assisted Living in Otsego and Fenton, MI

The Vicinia Gardens team is committed to maximizing the enjoyment of our residents by providing a supportive environment with the highest level of care. Find out where to begin with our Senior Living Guide and contact our assisted living facilities in Otsego or Fenton today!

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