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About two years ago after checking out many other places my parents moved into Vicinia. The facility is always clean, well landscaped, and smells nice. The staff are all very friendly, and show genuine compassion to their guests. Vicinia does a great job with activities, and getting people out of their rooms and socializing. I loved the regular updates on Facebook with pictures of my parents doing fun things. My parents went through several stages of decline, and I am sure became more difficult to care for than when they first checked in. Vicinia was our partner through the good times, and the bad times, always there to offer support to the residents, and family. The leadership was available for us always, even on the weekends or at night. Thank you Vicinia for accepting my parents into your family, and taking care of them!

T. THoman

Employees very friendly, helpful, caring and always very concerned about dad's comfort, care. Felt very comfortable and safe during Coronavirus start. Kitchen staff was very kind and helpful and dad liked the food very much.

M Freeman

Overall I was very happy with the care and attention my mother received at Vicinia. The staff really cared about her and interacted with her even though she was an extremely difficult patient at times, mostly because of her dementia. I thought some of the meals were a little questionable for elderly people but the majority seemed well balanced and nutritional. I have recommended Vicinia Gardens to my friends with elderly parents.

Joyce O

Overall, Patricia was well cared for. Staff were really on their toes as needed. I have memories of many thoughtful caring situations handled so well by different team memebrs.

Harold J. Elenbaas

My family's experience with Vicinia Gardens has been wonderful. My father was a challenge in the beginning because he was exit seeking and troublesome. We actually needed to move him to another facility initially until we could get his behavior under control. Once that took place Vicinia welcomed him back and provided wonderful care for him. During both periods of care, even when my father's behavior was difficult, Vicinia staff were helpful, caring, and provided helpful advice to get him through a difficult time. Unfortunately my father has now passed on, and Vicinia staff were wonderful during this time, and most staff even attended his funeral which was more than expected. I cannot say enough good things about their staff, facility, care, and management, I highly recommend.

Ken Moffitt

Friendly, very clean. Really tried to help to engage her in many activities. Her care was excellent. Please note my aunt could very difficult. I recommend Vicinia always.

Kathleen Woodhouse

Vicinia Gardens blessed our family with the excellent care and accommodations they provided for the last year of our mother's life. The love shown to the residents by the staff is exemplary. We so very much appreciated their efforts in making life there as pleasurable as possible.

Linda Tedrick

We found Vicinia by searching on the Internet. We were looking for a place within an hour of where we lived. We were also looking for a place that was NOT in a big city, with trucks, cars, and noise. Mom and Dad always lived in the smaller towns, or out of town, and commuted.

When searching on the internet the room size and lay out were important, as well as the controlled entry/exit. We also loved the courtyard, and smaller size of the building compared with other larger facilities. Pictures of the residents having fun was reassuring, and looking at all of the fun activities you post to Facebook was a huge plus!

When we came to visit the facility, we were very impressed by the cleanliness and up keep of the facility, and the fact it was in a very quiet area with a nice view. The two bedroom was perfect for Mom and Dad, and it was very easy to imagine them living them looking out the windows watching the birds on a bird feeder. The staff was welcoming, and friendly. They were very accommodating when I asked about setting up a raised bed garden in the courtyard area. We liked the fact they could get fresh air and get out without risk of getting lost!

Megan, you and the staff there have made my parents time there enjoyable! You are great with the residents, and responsive to any calls or communication!

Thanks for providing my parents an AWESOME safe and FUN place to live!

Ty and Crystal

I live close to Vicinia Gardens in Fenton and I was aware of their services. A few years ago when I was looking for a place for my Mom I checked in and the one AL building was full and the new one was being finished. I found another place for my Mom in Parshiville.

After one year the AL in Parshiville did not work out. And it became urgent (after my Mother was give accidental overdose of another person's medication and then needed 2 doses of Narcon from EMS) for me to find a new place for my mom. I stopped into the new AL unit and met Megan. I told her that I needed a place for my mom ASAP. Megan gave me a tour and talked to me all about the services they offer. She visited my mom is the rehab to see what building would be the best fit for my mom's needs. And it's been great ever since.

The staff, starting with Megan, is very friendly and kind. They really are caring and go out of their way to make my mother feel at home. The facility is clean and never have I seen my Mothers room out of order. The food is good and the variety seems good also. If my Mom is not feeling up to dinning in the dining room they will bring her meal to her free of charge. The activities are endless…… cards, crafts, musical entertainment, games and exercising. The outdoor patio is home to good times with ice cream and flowers and cook outs. Penny the activity director that drives the bus for off campus trips is the nicest person you could meet. My mom has gone to the casino, countless movies, lunch out in town, theater productions, Loose Center in Linden, river boat ride, local shopping outings etc. My mother is in a wheelchair and gets out on all these trips! My mother feels as if she is independent and has so much to talk about when family and friends call. She is stimulated and motivated 100% more than she was is Parshiville. I am lucky that things took a bad turn in Parshiville and I was able to happen on Vicinia Gardens and Megan. I remember getting chocked up when after showing me around the building Megan said she had a room for Mom!!!

I trust my mother's care givers and I have a peace of mind that my Mom is in good hands 24hours a day. Lastly, since my mom has been in Vicinia (June 2018) my daughters who call Grandma regularly have commented that Grandma is so busy that she never answers her cell phone!! We all chuckle about it and are happy that Grandma is so busy and happy! Thanks to everyone at Vicinia Gardens!

Lisa Rolls

We decided to go with Vicinia Gardens because it is a smaller facility, and each resident has their own living space with ability to bring furniture from their home with their private bathroom. This was important to our family. We also were impressed with the level of care and concern by the staff when we had questions or concerns and flexibility to find what works best for the residents. Lastly, Vicinia Gardens is a place that gives us comfort as family members when we visit mom. It feels like home to come and spend time with mom and bring our kids and grandkids.

We first heard of Vicinia Gardens when we did an internet search last January for facilities because my father was in the hospital with the flu and my Stepmother and her family were finally coming to the realization that she could no longer care for him.

We choose Vicinia for many reasons. First and foremost it is such a well-cared for and clean facility. Second, it was within a few miles of my Stepmothers home. But the most important reason was once we visited we were so impressed with the staff. Every single person we have met and who has cared for my Dad has been outstanding. He is always clean, clothed, and as happy as he can be. His room is spotless we know he receives excellent meals and fun activities. Over the course of the last year nothing has changed our minds in fact I for one can say you help me to sleep nights knowing I don't have to worry about Dad.

Collins family

Last summer I received a call that my mom required more care. She was living at Abbey Park an independent senior living community only 5-10 minutes from my home in Grand Blanc. It was lovely community but just way too big for mom to manage at 93 years old. Mom was having memory challenges as well. We were advised a smaller environment would be more beneficial for her care.

Vicinia Gardens was recommended by the Abbey Park staff, along with several others facilities. I made an appointment at one place and walked out crying. Not so wonderful. I then called Vicinia Gardens. Catrina Kraus answered and said "Come on over, a room in our assisted living building just became available!"

I felt like I was walking into a beautiful home when I arrived.

Living area, fireplace, dining area, outdoor courtyard with gardens and waterfall was my first part of the tour. Very nice spacious apartment room for living. Small and intimate.

20 residents. Friendly staff. All reasons to help make my decision to move mom to Vicinia Gardens.

Aging parent challenges and the tough decisions that had to be made were made easier with knowing mom is in a wonderful, clean, fun and very caring environment!

If you are in this difficult time of life with your parent...let Vicinia Gardens help you. They sure have helped me!

Kathy Walter

Thank you VFW Post 3030 Honor Guard, especially Rick Kelly, for all you did to put together such a lovely tribute to Bob. A giant thank you to all the girls in the kitchen for all the wonderful food. Thanks for all the cards and lovely flowers. Janis, your crew really outdid themselves. Thanks, Commander Joe Graves, for the music you put together for me - I loved it all and will treasure it always. Thanks so much to all the girls at Vicinia Gardens for their love and caring for Bob and myself Also thanks to Ben and Amy at Winkels for all their help at this time.

God Bless to all of you!

Fran Kennicott and family

Thank You Vicinia Gardens!! My mom at 91 was getting to the point where all of her friends had passed away and living in the country she was very lonely. Since moving to Vicinia Gardens with the caring staff, activities and new friends she is happier than I have seen her in a long time. My family is so thankful and we trust them to take good care of her. She is very proud to show everyone her room and the beautiful facility. She can even get her hair done each week on site. So a big thank you to the staff and we are so glad she can live there.

Denise (Her daughter)

You are a wonderful team of caring, compassionate, patient, skillful, big-hearted people. You made my mom's last 6 weeks among the happiest that she had in years. And you brought great peace of mind to me. There's no way for me to thank you for the huge contribution you have made to our lives. Except "thank you."

With Love

Amelia Hansen (Vadra's daughter)

Thank you to one and ALL for hosting my visit/ P.J. party week with my mom, Irena Meyers. Such a unique, special and memorable time for both of us.

I was heartened to find Mom thriving and engaging with each of you and her fellow residents. You each have helped her to make Vicinia Gardens her home - not an easy task I learned from the residents.

You each have a special talent to work, care, nurture and comfort seniors who need and rely on assistance to enjoy their hopefully Golden Years. Our family is blessed to have each of you partnering with us to give Irena happy days!

Awesome & Amazing! Hugs of Appreciation for / to each of you & all you do.

God Bless

Shirley Recipon

I would like to extend our sincere appreciation in the wonderful, loving, and caring team at Vicinia Gardens. The love for each other and the residents goes beyond words. My brother and I really appreciate the call we got from staff to let us know mom was doing well when we had that snowfall storm. I felt so relieved knowing you took the time out to call, knowing that family was stranded and unable to get out to see our mom. I cannot say enough about how dedicated and wonderful the staff is, and how the employees take pride in their work and enjoy their job. It is such a relief knowing that mom is at the best place with an awesome staff to look after her. Thank you.

Patsy and Dan

I have been wanting to let everyone know how happy my family and I are with the decision to move my Mom, Carol Drake, to Vicinia Gardens (one month ago). I can't even describe the feeling of comfort and relief we have experienced since the move. My Mom used to phone me 4 to 5 times per day to say "I'm ready for you to come get me" and now that never happens. The activities director "Meaghan" is awesome, the staff is awesome and I always feel at home here. My Mother's overall health has improved as well. She is now staying dry most all nights and all medical problems are addressed right away! Barri, Debbie and Corrine are on top of everything. I LOVE this place! Thank you for all you do. We are so thankful we found Vicinia Gardens Memory Care in Fenton for my Mom. She is always smiling and has made wonderful friends here. The staff is compassionate and caring and is like family. They have a top-notch management team and they address any concerns we have. They have fun outings and our mom loves the food and enjoys the activities. Couldn't ask for a better place!

Dawn Seiler

We are so thankful we found Vicinia Gardens Memory Care in Fenton for my Mom. She is always smiling and has made wonderful friends here. The staff is compassionate and caring and is like family. They have a top-notch management team and they address any concerns we have. They have fun outings and our mom loves the food and enjoys the activities. Couldn't ask for a better place!

The Family of Louise Church

My mother, Jane Mrowka, is a resident at Vicinia Gardens-Assisted Living. Jane moved in February 2016, after being at another facility for a couple of months which was not a good fit. Jane is 83, has dementia and recently lost her husband of 64 years. My mother went from sleeping all day and refusing to participate in any activities before moving to Vicinia Gardens, to making friends and having fun. Jane still struggles with sadness and depression from the loss of her husband, but with the help and encouragement of the wonderful Vicinia Garden's Staff, she is having many more happy moments.

When I visit, my mom tells me how she loves her new home. She says the food is delicious, the people are nice, and they have lots of activities she can pick and choose what she wants to do.

Knowing that my mom is happy and well-cared for, gives me peace of mind.

I would highly recommend Vicinia Gardens to any and all families with elderly loved ones needing assistance.

Linda Rubarth

My mother was a resident of Vicinia Gardens because she needed round-the-clock care for her dementia. She received her daily medication from trained personnel and physical assistance when it became necessary for showering and dressing. The staff also encouraged my mother to join some of the daily social activities to keep up her mental, physical, and emotional faculties. They also gave my mother reminders when needed for meal times and activities.

I was encouraged to visit my mother whenever I wanted. The facility is safe, comfortable, and stimulating to residents and family. The meals were well presented, healthy, and tasty, and you could eat a meal with your loved one.

There are interesting activities for the residents: holiday handcrafts, chair kickball, table games (cards, puzzles, bingo, etc.), outings, which could be short walks to Mancino's, a car ride to a local restaurant, etc. Also, personal pampering is available: manicures, pedicures, and hair styling.

Several entertainment programs are available in the lobby for those who choose to go: sing-a-longs, yoga, pet visits, movies on the big screen, or bible reading.

My mother spent her last year and a half safe, healthy, and content at Vicinia Gardens and I am thankful!

Linda Finch and Family

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Vicinia Gardens. My mother received such excellent care there that my wife insisted that her mother become a resident when she needed assisted care. The management and staff are professional, helpful, kind, and above all, caring. The intimate, 20-resident facility allows for individual care, which sets them apart from other larger facilities. The staff is more than willing to assist not only each resident, but also with any request of a family member no matter how large or small. My wife and I were always confident that our loved ones were receiving the best care possible at all times. I will continue to recommend Vicinia Gardens to anyone looking for a highly competent and caring facility for their loved ones. I am so impressed with Vicinia Gardens that I have given them permission to provide my personal phone number to anyone who wishes to speak directly with me.

Tom Zuber

For more information, or to schedule your own personalized tour of our facility, please call Vicinia Gardens at 810-513-0969.

A Brief History of Vicinia Gardens

Vicinia Gardens is locally owned by Steve and Kelly Steffey of Fenton. Kelly Steffey, R.N., B.S., C.D.P., became a nurse more than 20 years ago, and is certified as a Dementia Practitioner and Trainer. Steve Steffey is a well respected long time commercial and home builder. Together, the husband and wife duo opened our assisted living facility in Fenton in 2013, and the memory care shortly after that. Our most recent community is our intermediate care which had its grand opening in 2016.

Vicinia Gardens is proud to care for your loved ones, and we look forward to welcoming you to the family!