Where to Begin

Starting Your Journey

We know you want to be sure about the senior living facilities you have chosen. You want to know you will be treated with the respect and care you deserve for the duration of your stay.

Vicinia Gardens can help you take the right first step towards superior senior living!

We truly understand how challenging adjusting to new surroundings can be, and how difficult it can get when you entrust your care, or the care of your loved ones, into the hands of someone else. That is why we provide a comfortable, welcoming place for seniors from all walks of life, a place that truly feels like home. Our caring staff always listens to your unique needs and provides an environment that’s engaging and fulfilling, every day. Vicinia Gardens makes the transition easy, and always goes above and beyond, to give you peace of mind.

Here, we make our residents, and their families, our highest priority. Our residents love living here because, from the moment they walk in, they’re fully accepted, welcomed, informed, and integrated into our community like they have always belonged.

Our facilities are state of the art, offering the highest levels of care. Our buildings are fully-furnished with spacious lodging accommodations, and our expert staff works hard to develop exciting social calendars to keep our residents active and engaged – mind, body, and spirit.

We can give you that, too! You can become a member of our family. Simply contact us to get the information you need to take the next step.

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Discover What’s Right for You

If you are just starting to research and learn about senior living options, you will quickly find that there are many different levels of care for you to choose from. Assisted living, independent living, memory/Alzheimer’s care – you need to know the differences between each one so you can effectively plan for your total care, or that of a loved one.

Vicinia Gardens can help in you make the right choices.

We’ve helped thousands of seniors and their families when facing the same decisions you are facing now. Our senior living center will assist you in understanding all of your unique needs, and matching the right services. Our staff knows that you have specific requirements, preferences, circumstances, and desires, and we tailor our options to meet them – each and every one.

Vicinia Garden’s personalized approach ensures you get everything you need without paying for the things you don’t. If you, or your loved one, does not require daily assistance, but you feel safer having a staff around in case of emergency, we craft care levels (in this case independent living), lodging, and environments that fit perfectly.

Perhaps you or your family is in need of memory or Alzheimer’s care? Our specialized care communities monitor our residents 24/7 to ensure the highest levels of safety and security. There’s no wandering off or putting anyone in danger here at Vicinia Gardens. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Whatever decisions you make concerning your personalized level of care, we’ll be with you through it all, start to finish. Clear, concise, abundant – the information we supply you with will give you clear direction about all of your senior care options to make your choices easy. Together, we’ll help you determine which path is right for you and answer any and all questions you may have.

Which Facility is the Right Facility?

Although all symptoms differ from person to person, these are the main indicators that can allow family members to make the correct decision while seeking proper placement for their loved one.

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Assisted Living

  • Able to fully follow directions
  • Help with ADL’s
  • Possible incontinence
  • Independent interaction with activities

Intermediate Care

  • Ability to follow some directions
  • Able to feed self or with minimal assistance
  • Needs occasional reminders
  • Incontinent
  • Help with ADL’s
  • Minimal assistance with activities

Memory Care

  • Behaviors
  • Verbal outbursts
  • Frustration based off confusion
  • Incontinence in inappropriate places
  • Loss of inhibitions
  • Cognitively unable to self-feed
  • Short term memory loss
  • Begin to exit seek
  • Prompting/hands-on assistance with activities
  • Not able to identify person, place, or time

Independent Living

The newest addition to our neighborhood is a three-story, 170,000 square-foot facility designed for luxury living after retirement. The senior complex will include 133 residential units providing 71 one-bedroom apartments, 59 two-bedroom apartments, and three studio units. We expect to have the new building completed and open in Spring 2021!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for admission?

  • Deposit place with Resident Director
  • Assessment completed by Resident Director
  • List of medications signed by physician
  • Health care appraisal signed by physician
  • Chest x-ray or TB test (less than one year old)
  • Copy of identification and insurance cards

May family join for meals?

Family members are welcome to eat with their loved ones, kitchen request that they have a 24-hour notice to make sure there is enough food made for everyone. Donations are accepted.

Is there a gathering room available?

You can reserve the community garden room for family events, you can book the room with any staff member.

What if we experience technology difficulties?

If you are having an issue with cable, phone, or Wi-Fi please see the front office.

May we hang pictures and curtains in the resident rooms?

You may hang items on the wall of your loved one’s room, but the family is responsible for hanging items.