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Where to Begin

We at Vicinia Gardens truly understand how challenging adjusting to new surroundings can be, and how difficult it can get when you entrust your care, or the care of your loved ones, into the hands of someone else. That is why we provide a comfortable, welcoming place for seniors from all walks of life, a place that truly feels like home. Our caring staff always listens to our residents’ unique needs and provides an environment that’s engaging and fulfilling, every day. Vicinia Gardens makes the transition easy, and always goes above and beyond, to give you peace of mind.

We make our residents, and their families, our highest priority. Our residents love living here because, from the moment they walk in, they’re fully accepted, welcomed, informed, and integrated into our community like they have always belonged.

Our facility is state-of-the-art, offering the highest levels of care. Our buildings are fully furnished with spacious lodging accommodations, and our expert staff works hard to develop exciting social calendars to keep our residents active and engaged — mind, body, and spirit.

We want to welcome you as a member of our family! Simply contact us to get the information you need to take the next step towards superior senior living!

Welcome Packet for Senior LivingWelcome Packet for Independent Living

Senior Living Options

If you are just starting to research and learn about senior living options, you will quickly find that there are many different levels of care for you to choose from. Assisted living, independent living, memory/Alzheimer’s care — you need to know the differences between each one so you can effectively plan.

Vicinia Gardens can help you make the right choice for your family. We’ve helped so many seniors and their families when facing the same decisions you are facing now. Our senior living center will assist you in understanding all of your unique needs, and matching the right services. Our staff knows that you have specific requirements, preferences, circumstances, and desires, and we tailor our options to meet them — each and every one.

Whatever decisions you make concerning your personalized level of care, we’ll be with you through it all, start to finish. The information we supply you with will give you clear direction about all of your senior care options to make your choices easy. Together, we’ll help you determine which path is right for you and answer any and all questions you may have.

Although all symptoms differ from person to person, these are the main indicators that can help you make the correct decision when seeking proper placement for your loved one.

Assisted Living

  • Minor help with daily living activities
  • Possible incontinence
  • Independent interaction with activities
  • Medication management

Intermediate Care

  • Ability to follow some directions
  • Able to eat independently or with minimal assistance
  • Needs occasional prompting
  • Incontinence Issues
  • Help with daily living activities
  • Assistance with activities

Memory Care

  • Memory loss
  • Not able to identify person, place, or time
  • Frustration based on confusion
  • Verbal outbursts
  • Incontinence
  • Loss of inhibitions
  • Cognitively unable to self-feed
  • Prompting/hands-on assistance with activities

Independent Living

  • Able to handle daily living activities independently
  • Sound memory and health to get around and continue living an active lifestyle independently
  • Minimal assistance such as housekeeping, laundry, and interior/exterior maintenance

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Tips for Transitioning Into a Senior Living Community

For Seniors

  • Remain open-minded – Change and adjustment require keeping an open mind. You are more likely to adapt well if you are prepared and understand that things will not be the exact same as living at home.
  • Ask questions – As a new resident, you will likely have questions. You should never hesitate to ask our staff any questions that come to mind. We encourage our residents to learn about their new home and we are here to help!
  • Be social – The sooner you become active and engaged in the community, the better. Residents who make acquaintances and friends with their neighbors right away feel the transition is easier and makes your new environment more welcoming and fun!

For Families

  • Personalize the space – It’s important to make your loved one’s new residence feel like home. Bring items that have personal meaning, including pictures, knick-knacks, medals, etc. Consider hiring a professional downsizing consultant if your family needs help planning what stays and goes.
  • Provide staff with information – We honor and celebrate our residents’ lives. We encourage you to write down some of the important events from your loved one’s life story and include it with their medical history for our staff.
  • Stay connected – Talk to other family members about visiting and calling and work out a schedule that works best based on everyone’s availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is assisted living appropriate?

Assisted living becomes appropriate when an otherwise active senior begins having difficulties getting proper nutrition, maintaining their household or personal care routines, or remembering to take medications. We are staffed 24 hours a day with a friendly and experienced support team. Together, we ensure our assisted living residents have the help they need when they need it. We provide our residents with maximum privacy and autonomy in an attentive and caring environment.

What is the difference between assisted living and independent living?

Independent living offers active seniors a maintenance-free lifestyle with access to our beautiful grounds and common areas, housekeeping and maintenance services, and a vibrant social life. Independent living is ideal for residents who have no medical issues that require daily assistance or monitoring — and thus maintain an independent life in their private apartment. As needs progress, residents may transition to assisted living where around-the-clock care is available. In assisted living, we can help with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, medication management, and more.

Does Vicinia Gardens work with seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

Yes. Seniors with early- to mid-stage dementia may be most comfortable in our Intermediate Care community. Those with mid- to late-stage dementia and more advanced needs may find our Memory Care community a better option. We provide specialized activities to engage our residents’ minds and our compassionate staff works with each resident and family to create an environment where residents can succeed and thrive while maintaining as much familiarity as possible.

What are the requirements for admission?

  • Deposit placed with Resident Director
  • Assessment completed by Resident Director
  • List of medications signed by physician
  • Recent Negative COVID-19 Test or Vaccination Card
  • Health care appraisal signed by physician
  • Chest X-ray or TB test (less than one year old)
  • Copy of identification and insurance cards

Will a resident at Vicinia Gardens have a roommate?

No. All residents have private rooms. We do offer double-suites for spouses or other family members that wish to stay together.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, no; but residents’ families are welcome to bring pets to visit.

May family join for meals?

Family members are welcome to eat with their loved ones, our kitchen requests that they have a 24-hour notice to make sure there is enough food made for everyone. Donations are accepted.

Is there a gathering room available?

You can reserve the community garden room for family events, you can book the room with any staff member.

What if we experience technical difficulties?

If you are having an issue with cable, phone, or Wi-Fi please see/call the front office.

May we hang pictures and curtains in the resident rooms?

We encourage you to hang items on the wall of your loved one’s room! Remember the family is responsible for hanging items.

Are families required to take residents home for the holidays?

Although families are certainly free to take residents home at any time, residents can remain at Vicinia Gardens for the holidays if they wish. Our facilities are decorated for major holidays and our staff will prepare a wonderful holiday meal and celebrate the holiday with the residents.

Can a resident continue to see their own doctor?

Yes. However, we recommend developing a relationship with a visiting physician who can take over a resident’s care when the resident can no longer travel to see an office-based physician.


Our Philosophy

For us, the key to quality care is compassion. Our philosophy is to act in the best interest of our residents at all times. We are committed to help maximize the enjoyment every life has to offer and provide the highest level of care in a supportive environment. By doing so, we promote the health, independence, and social interaction of our residents.

A True Passion for Senior Care

A True Passion For Senior Care

Vicinia Gardens honors each resident’s life story and takes a person-centered approach to care. Our staff develops an individualized Residency Service Plan for each resident upon admission. In addition, our activity program incorporates each person’s talents and skills into their daily activities.

Comfortable Environment

Comfortable Environment

We have state-of-the-art facilities in wonderful locations in southern Michigan. Our facilities feature outdoor residential grounds with a gazebo and patio. Our buildings are well-decorated and properly maintained, providing our residents with a safe and comfortable environment.

Senior Living Community in Michigan

The Vicinia Gardens team is committed to maximizing the enjoyment of our residents by providing a supportive environment with the highest level of care. There is nothing that brings us more joy than promoting the health, independence, and social interaction of our residents. Come see what our senior living community in Fenton has to offer your loved one. We can’t wait to welcome you to the neighborhood!

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